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Moses and the Exodus

Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt

Exodus 15:18-19 "The LORD shall reign for ever and ever. For the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea."


Map of Moses and the Exodus. This map reveals the places mentioned in the Bible during the time of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt. It reveals the Land of Egypt, the Red Sea, the land of Goshen where the hebrews were slaves for over 400 years. It also shows the Nile River and the Nile Delta, with important cities in ancient Egypt like Memphis, Heliopolis, and Gaza. The Israelites miraculously crossed the Red Sea over to the Sinai Wilderness where they eventually met God at Mount Sinai.

Moses and the Exodus for Little Kids

This is the story of Moses' journey called "The Exodus" where he led all of the Israelites out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, to freedom in the wilderness. Before Moses led God's people out of Egypt, Pharaoh, the king of Egypt would not let the people go and they remained slaves. Because of Pharaoh's unwillingness to free the Israelites, God brought ten different plagues on Egypt. A plague something very bad which hurts everything and everyone in the land. The people and animals in Egypt were all hurt by these plagues. After seeing how powerful God was, Pharaoh finally decided to let God's people go after the tenth and final plague.

Moses and the Israelites worshiped God that night and thanked Him for delivering them from slavery. The next day, Moses led them out of Egypt toward the Red Sea. After they had already left, Pharaoh changed his mind and did not want to let them go! So he sent out his armies and chariots to capture them and bring them back to Egypt. When the Israelites realized that Pharaoh's men were about to get them, they were very scared because they were trapped at the Red Sea.

Then Moses picked up his staff and raised his hand and God performed a miracle! He split the Red Sea so the Israelites would be able to get safely across. Once God's people were safely across to the other side, the chariots chased them, and when they were in the middle of the sea the water came crashing down on them. Moses and the Israelites rejoiced and praised God for this victory. Then Moses led them in the Sinai Wilderness for 40 years.

Do you know what happened when they were in the wilderness? Find out in our next mappy map!

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Moses and the Exodus for Big Kids

Ancient Assyrian Man with BeardMoses. The name of the hero who saved Israel from the bondage of the Egyptians was Moses. After the 10 plagues, the final plague was too much for the Egyptians to bear. Pharaoh told Moses to take these people away and leave the land of Egypt. They celebrated the first Passover together in their homes before they left.

Goshen. The Israelites were slaves in the land of Goshen, and it was here that the people of Israel multiplied so rapidly that Pharaoh issued an order to start destroying them. God called Moses as the deliverer and he led them out of Goshen and out of the hands of Pharaoh.

The Exodus. The Hebrews were finally given the command to leave Egypt, and they celebrated the Passover in their homes in the land of Goshen. At that point they journeyed into the wilderness of Egypt and came to the Red Sea. There were 600,000 men and also women and children. God appeared to them in the form of a large cloud like a tornado during the day, and a pillar of fire by night.

The Parting of the Red Sea. Pharaoh decided that it was too humiliating to allow the Hebrews to overpower him. He gathered his army and commanded his chariots to slaughter the Hebrews. The Israelites found themselves with nowhere to go, they cried out to Moses and he raised his staff and suddenly the waters of the Red Sea parted. It was a miracle that the giant sea separated in the Israelites crossed the entire sea on dry land. Pharaoh's chariots chased after the Israelites into the dry land and the sea had parted. Immediately the waters came back on them and destroyed them all.

The Sinai Wilderness. the Israelites crossed the Red Sea on dry land and made it to the other side, but this was just the beginning because now they had entered the great and terrible wilderness God would test them for 40 years.

The study of Moses is very important in the study of the Bible, let's pray:

Dear Jesus, we thank you for Moses, he was a man who was dedicated to you, and your Word calls him the humblest man on the face of the earth. Thank you Lord that you protect your people, and thank you that there are courageous people who are not afraid to stand with you when there's trouble. Help us to be strong. We love you. In Jesus name… Amen!

Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt
Map of Moses and the Exodus for Bible Study

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